The Colorado Supreme Court is debating on the "humanhood" of a fetus, according to Denver Post.

If a pregnant woman is attacked and her unborn baby is killed, is it murder? What if the fetus survives but the attack results in life-long injuries after birth? Is that abuse?

What if the mother engages in reckless behavior, such as drugs, that harms the unborn? Is that abuse?

These are the questions currently sitting at the Colorado Supreme Court.

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, this is an interesting scenario as abortion is a a valued right to many women who are ill, raped or otherwise wish to terminate.

But when the unborn is shot, as was the case for Lakeisha Jones when her ex hid in her home and shot her in the stomach when she arrived at her apartment, is that to be considered the same nature as abortion?

Jones died and her baby survived with lasting neurological damage. The shooter, Andre Jones, was sentenced with child abuse though this was later overturned as the fetus didn't qualify as a "person". Even though years later, that baby grew up and testified against their mother's shooter, according to Denver Post.

Colorado Right to Life has been pushing to establish "personhood" for the unborn but the state's voters have voted against the measure three different times.

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