This is no made-up fish tale. This is the story of a young man who went fishing with his brother and Dad and with the first cast into the water, he hit the jackpot.

According to 11 News down in Colorado Springs, Jeff Werner, the boy's Dad reached out to them to let them know about the incredible catch that initially was thought to be a simple snag.

It was a snag alright, but not the annoying kind where the line gets tangled in or on so something, this was a bite, and very big one at that.

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Jeff's son Bradley managed to pull in a massive tiger muskie (with the help of Dad).

Crazy right? As you can see, the fish itself is almost as big as the kid that caught it. My first reaction was "ok, where in the heck did they catch that fish".

The answer to that question is Clear Creek Reservoir up in Buena Vista. The young man was using a simple push button reel for kids and what a story to tell their friends when they return home to Kansas.

The family was hanging out with family in Colorado Springs when their adventure brought them to Buena Vista and a meeting with that monster fish.

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