Can you help solve a poaching case in Estes Valley?

A big bull elk was shot and killed off of Devils Gulch Road and H Bar G Road in the Estes Valley area. The elk was left to rot. I can't begin to understand why anyone would do this? There have been reports of elk being poached and their rack or heads removed. These poachers may know someone who would mount their illegally taken trophy but to kill an elk and just leave it lay, that's incomprehensible.

The crime is believed to have occurred on Sunday, January 13th. Estes Valley isn't anywhere near Grand Junction but Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials want word of this crime distributed throughout the region. They feel too that it's likely the poachers traveled to Estes Vally from another part of the state.

If you know anything please contact the authorities. You can provide information anonymously. Contact Operation Game Thief at 877-265-6648 or by dialing #OGT from any Verizon phone. You can drop a tip by email at Rewards can be claimed if your information leads to an arrest or conviction.

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