In honor of National Donate Life month, a Colorado family is sharing the incredible story that saved the life of their young daughter.

According to a report from KDVR, when Jeremy and Emily Knakmuhs of Parker, Colorado found out that their daughter had a rare disease, they turned to Facebook for help.

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About the Knakmuhs of Parker, Colorado

In 2018, Jeremy and Emily Knakmuhs had just recently celebrated the birth of twins, a boy named Remi and a girl named Kennedie. However, it wasn't long before they noticed that their daughter wasn't growing at the same rate as her twin brother.

At 6 months, Kennedie was underweight, had jaundice, and had a constant need to itch her ears, face, and belly according to CBS Denver.

When the Knakmuhs first saw a doctor, Kennedie was given a prognosis of acid reflux. As time passed, the Knakmuhs knew it was something more serious and took Kennedie to Children's Hospital Colorado, where she was diagnosed with PFIC, a rare genetic disease that causes liver failure.

Coloradans Love To Donate

Kennedie's condition was getting worse as more time passed, but because Kennedie wasn't dying, the toddler wasn't eligible to receive a deceased donor liver.

The Knakmuh's decided to look for a living donor instead and used the social media platform, Facebook, to assist in their search.

A stranger by the name of Katelyn Roth stepped up to the plate and donated the liver that Kennedie desperately needed.

According to Donor Alliance, Colorado is one of the most supportive states when it comes to organ, eye, and tissue donations.

How You Can Become A Colorado Organ Donor

Fast forward to the present day and Kennedie is a thriving and happy 4-year-old. However, it wouldn't have been possible without the life-saving donation of Katelyn Roth.

If you're interested in becoming a Colorado organ donor you can follow this link or register the next time you renew your Colorado driver's license.

If there are organs that you do not want to be donated after your passing, you can put in that request on the online form and even donate your organs in memory of another person.

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