Getting caught while texting and driving is about to get a whole lot tougher.

Senate Bill 27 will raise the penalty from its current $50.00 fine and one point to a more stringent $500.00 fine and five points.

Traffic fatalities on Colorado roads increased 11% in 2016 according to state transportation officials. While the increase cannot specifically be attributed to one reason, officials note the increase of distracted driving, as well as a disturbing trend of lack of seat belt use as a major contributing factor.

The hope in this bill is that, once drivers are aware of the penalties (as if dying wasn't penalty enough) they will eliminate distractions while operating the vehicle.

Contacting your state representative to show support for this bill can help get it passed.

Let's all make it a point to not text and drive, or surf the web and drive. It's not worth dying over.

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