The 'Move Over Law' is not only is in place to keep Troopers and Officers safe but all vehicles with hazards flashing as well.

I learned this law the hard way after having been in Colorado for only two short weeks. I had never even heard of the law until I got nabbed.

I was driving down I-70 when I approached a Colorado State Patrol office who had pulled over a driver. I had a car that was on my immediate left so I couldn't get over which is something I would just naturally do regardless of the law. However I did slow down, but that wasn't enough for Colorado's finest.

To be fair, he gave me a warning, but he was sure to inform me that when there is a vehicle pulled over with hazards flashing it's mandatory to move over to the other lane to give the vehicles and its inhabitants room to move.

Drivers that don't follow this law will receive a $167.50 fine and potentially lose their license.

Since January seven CSP patrol units have been struck and the State Patrol is now actively ticketing drivers. Over a dozen were ticketed in the last week. Move over and slow down for everyone's safety.

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