A bill in the Colorado Legislature is designed to refine existing law and further limit how people can use mobile wireless devices while driving.

Colorado Senate Bill 18-049 will extend the current law prohibiting the use of wireless telephones by those under 18-years of age to all drivers. The bill also expands the scope of the law from just wireless phones to all mobile electronic devices.

The Bill, sponsored by State Senator Lois Court and State Representative Jovan Melton, also increases the fine for violation by minors from $50 to $300 making the fines for adults and minors the same.

There is an exception in the bill that allows adult drivers to use a mobile device as long as that device can be operated hands-free. The bill would allow drivers to touch a mobile device to activate or answer provided that can be done without holding the device in the driver's hand.

The Bill is currently in committee and if it passes both the Colorado Senate and House will become law in July.

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