This is one of my favorite topics to circle back around to because I find it so interesting. I love asking Coloradans which popular attractions you have yet to visit in Colorado.

I almost always meet someone in Montrose who has never been into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Just like it's not hard to meet a Grand Junction or Fruita resident who has never been inside the Colorado National Monument. Just what are we doing with our free time?

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Colorado's Popular Attractions We Still Haven't Been To Yet

Open our station app and hit the chat feature to let us know which popular destinations in Colorado everyone else has been to except you. Your answers help us create more content about the things in Colorado you are most interested in, and they help us to focus more on places people have questions about. Let us know which destination you still want to see for yourself.

Standing On Top of Pikes Peak

I am always surprised by how many people say they have never seen Pikes Peak. Is this true? We've all seen photos of it. When people answer with 'America's mountain' I feel they mean they must stand on top of the summit to consider this boxed check. Take the drive or get on board the Cog Train. It's well worth the trip.

Mesa Verde is Worth the Drive

Mesa Verde is Colorado's second most-visited National Park. This location comes up a lot when we ask this question.

Mesa Verde was one of the first Colorado destinations I ever visited and I was totally blown away when I first went there. Make the time to go camp at Mesa Verde in the spring or summer. They also have some very cool holiday events at the end of the year that make a winter visit well worth the trip. Plus, Mesa Verde is much warmer than Denver or Grand Junction in February.

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