It's the motorcycle riding season in Colorado, and that means that everyone needs to be on the lookout for the 200,000-plus cycles that are on Colorado roads.

A Deadly Year For Colorado Motorcyclists

It has been a deadly year for motorcycles in Colorado with a total of 75 motorcycle fatalities so far. That figure is up 6% from last year when there had been 71 motorcycle deaths over the same period.

According to figures provided by the Colorado Department of Transportation, June has been the deadliest month with 25 fatalities. A total of 18 deaths were reported in May and 16 in April.

Last year, when 137 motorcyclists lost their lives on Colorado roads, those fatalities accounted for 19% of the state's 692 total traffic fatalities. The top two counties in the state for motorcycle fatalities were El Paso with 15 and Jefferson with 12.

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CDOT Launches Motorcycle Awareness Campaign

CDOT is launching an awareness campaign designed to prevent as many motorcycle accidents as possible by reminding motorists to look twice for bikers. Here's what CDOT is asking drivers to do.

  • Allow extra space when following a motorcycle.
  • Allow motorcycles the full width of the lane at all times.
  • Use extra caution when turning left at an intersection.
  • Check twice for motorcycles before turning, changing lanes, or merging with traffic.
  • Never drive distracted or impaired.

I certainly understand that motorcyclists bear some responsibility in how they drive as well. High speeds, not wearing a helmet, and carelessness are all contributing factors to motorcycle fatalities. But, motorists also need to do what they can to help keep cyclists safe. A little extra awareness goes a long way.

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