This is absolutely heartbreaking, a 19-year-old Colorado mom is facing first-degree murder charges for strangling her newborn baby then burying her baby in the backyard.

19-year-old Amy Grace Carr had a baby in January of 2020 and it seems like she had no intention of keeping or taking care of the baby. The Colorado mom Googled 'how much alcohol is needed to harm a fetus' when she was approximately six months pregnant, according to 9News.

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Amy Grace Carr had a baby in January of 2020, allegedly strangled the baby soon after delivering her, and then buried her. According to 9News, this Colorado mom buried the baby face-up in her backyard. The ground was frozen so the baby wasn't buried deep and Amy Grace Carr's mom discovered the baby less than a week later.

Her mom called 911 and told authorities they were unaware of anyone pregnant in the area, according to 9News, not knowing that it was their daughter's baby.

When authorities were questioning Amy Grace Carr, she originally said she didn't know anything about the baby. Then she told them that the baby was her but it was stillborn.

According to KRDO, authorities received her Snapchat records, where they found messages between Amy Grace Carr and the father of the baby. She messaged him things like 'I hope no one finds it' and the father sent a message stating 'I'm surprised it was alive and not stillborn.'

Amy Grace Carr then describes how it took longer than exepcted to kill the baby, according to KRDO. This Colorado mom is now facing first-degree murder charges as well as tampering with a deceased human body.

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