Do you ever wonder how we ever survived without spell check and auto-correct in our lives?

Is There A Dictionary In Your House?

If you are young enough, you won't remember a time that you didn't have a machine to help you with your spelling. There was a time when every household in America owned a Merriiam-Webster Dictionary. Whether we were playing scrabble or writing an essay for school, the dictionary was always just an arms-length away.

Even the Best Spellers Have Challenges

Of course, today things have changed. We have great tools like spell check, auto-correct, Grammarly, and to help us navigate those difficult-to-spell words in everyday life. Even the worst of spellers can type an error-free email or text message with a little technical assistance.

Even though we have all of these great resources to help us eliminate spelling errors in our work and daily communication, we still have trouble with particular words. Everyone has their own struggle. For example, a couple of words I personally struggle with are recommend and acknowledgment. I always have to double-check my spelling.

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What Is the Most Misspelled Word In Colorado?

The information is different, depending on what source you have. In 2021, the most misspelled words in Colorado were 'quarantine' and 'Colorado' based on Google trends. Yes, Coloradans were struggling to spell the name of their home state. It must have been the transplants who weren't practiced up yet.

The most misspelled word in Colorado for 2022 is even harder to believe because it doesn't seem to be that difficult. The word is 'choice.'  How could you possibly misspell the word choice?  On the other hand, Utah's most misspelled word is much more understandable. Could you spell boutonniere without help? I'm pretty sure I couldn't.

There Are the Words Colorado Can't Spell

Spelling isn't always easy. I asked listeners to share a word they struggle with and I got several to come clean and tell us what word they have difficulty spelling. Scroll on through the gallery to see what words are giving us trouble, as well as some of the most misspelled words around the country.

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