More adults of all ages in Colorado are using marijuana and they are using it more frequently.

The Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee recently released its third report on marijuana's health effects, and the results are not surprising.

According to the report, slightly more than 15% of Coloradoans are using marijuana and more than half of those who consume pot in some form are doing it daily or almost daily. Maybe it's just me, but I sure thought the number of users would be more than 15%.

Not surprising is that emergency room visits due to marijuana use are up slightly, while hospitalizations are down.

Of greatest concern may be what's happening among young people. Marijuana use among high school students has remained stable and is actually lower than alcohol consumption and nicotine vaping.

Of course, the results of the report are only as accurate as the poll respondents are honest. While pot use is more excepted than ever, there still remains a stigma attached to its use. It's possible that some individuals - especially young people - may be reluctant to be completely truthful about their marijuana use.

A couple of positives in the report have to do with children and with driving. The report indicates that most homes with children do not have marijuana in the house, and most of the ones that do - have it stored away safely and securely. As for marijuana and driving, the reports says driving soon after marijuana use has not increased among adults or adolescents.

The Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee is comprised of a panel of experts including pediatric medicine, pharmacology, medical toxicology, psychiatry, and others. This report looked exclusively at the health effects of marijuana use, not its impact on Colorado crime.

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