Revenue generated by the sale of marijuana in Colorado continues to break records.

August was a record-breaking month with sales totaling more than $141 million for the month.  That broke the previous record which was set in July.

If you're wondering how much money was spent on medicinal marijuana, the total was just over $28 million, which means a whopping $113 million was spent on recreation pot in a single month.

In 2017, marijuana was a $1.5 billion dollar industry, more than double the $683 million in 2014. So far in 2018, pot sales in Colorado have totaled just over $1 billion dollars, putting the state on pace to once again top $1.5 billion in sales for the year.

Here's one way to look at it. At $1.5 billion for the year- that divides out to just over $300 per Colorado resident. I know none of that money came from my bank account, which means someone else must be spending my share of the money to get high.

The amount of money being spent on pot is staggering and I can't help but wonder where all that money is coming from, and where all that money was before recreational pot was legalized in Colorado.

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