Since legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana roughly a decade ago, Colorado has seen numerous changes in legislation and rules associated with legal weed. One fairly new phenomenon in the industry is marijuana delivery.

Sure, we can order a pizza, takeout, or even booze and have it delivered right to our front door but getting cannabis, in the same manner, isn't as prevalent. However, it's looking like that could all change thanks to recent changes to a bill related to marijuana delivery.

Pot Delivery in Colorado is Legal, Why Isn't it Popular?

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You may remember a bill being passed back in 2021 that legalized marijuana delivery in Colorado and while this was a big step in the right direction, not many of the state's dispensaries took advantage of the situation and offered the service. Likely, the biggest reason that they didn't was because of the seemingly astronomical fees they faced to make it happen.

For example, the one-time application fee for getting delivery going was $500 and the annual delivery license fee for stores and transporters was $2000 apiece.

Colorado Marijuana Delivery to Become Less Expensive for Dispensaries

While the hefty fees associated with pot delivery were likely the biggest reason for it not being quite widespread, a new bill has been altered to propose lowering these fees in order to make it easier for them to come to your door.

The proposed revisions would make the one-time application fee for getting delivery going as well as the annual delivery license fees for stores and transporters only $25.

The Colorado Department of Excise and Licenses hopes that these changes will kickstart more pot delivery services beginning with Denver which will likely work its way to other parts of the state after they are approved.


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