I guess that's one way to get out of it.

Not everyone likes to serve on a jury or even report for jury duty, even though it's a legal obligation, so one man decided he would take the initiative and show up anyway.

Wearing a bunny suit.

It's not just that he wore a bunny suit to jury duty in Jefferson County, he owned it. According to those present, he walked around as if everything was normal. As if every day this is how he dressed. That had to be hilarious for the people there.

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For the people present, they had quite the story to tell about jury duty, but it begs the question:

While not suggested, there is nothing that says you can't, but it is highly disrespectful. According to a deputy present;

“Basically you can wear whatever you want, you cannot wear a hat in the courtroom, but whatever you want.”

Got it. No hats, but anything else, like bunny suits are fine to wear.

And if you're wondering whether or not the guy was chosen to sit on a jury, he was not.

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