Many people across the state of Colorado including business owners and other political leaders thought the 'Meat-Out' Day that Governor Jared Polis is implementing on Saturday was not a smart idea. The livestock industry is the second largest in the state of Colorado so it seems like we should be doing more to support them. Snooks Bottom serves up the delicious barbecue in Grand Junction and has decided to create an extra meaty sandwich that will be available on Saturday, if people want to get behind the Mesa County Board of Commissioners who decided on the Western Slope we will celebrate Meat-In Day.

While some people are laughing at this political disagreement after the Governor of Nebraska spoke out against the idea of a 'Meat-Out Day,' there are many others not laughing since they make a living off of raising livestock.

Details on "The Governator" Sandwich That Will Be Served Up at Snooks Bottom on Saturday

When talking to Scott one of the owners of Snooks Bottom my mouth was watering when I found out there are three types of meat piled high on this hefty sandwich. In honor of our Governor, "The Governator" stacks brisket with pulled pork and jalapeno cheddar sausage.

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If You're Not Looking for a Big Meaty Sandwich on Saturday's Meat-In Day

Snooks Bottom will also be offering up discounts on other meats they will be smoking and barbecuing extra meat for the funfilled day. We are very fortunate to have lots of great butcher shops here on the Western Slope so if you want to grill your own meat this weekend you have plenty of options to choose from. Happy Meat-In Day.

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