The Colorado Legislature is set to change laws that will result in a reduction of the number of marijuana plants grown in residential neighborhoods.

To close a loophole in regulations for growing marijuana at a private residence, the state's legislators have passed HB17-1220.

The bill, having cleared both state houses now only needs Governor John Hickenlooper's signature to become law.

Colorado lawmakers have also completed companion bill HB17-1221 which addresses large grows with potential for grey and black market marijuana sales.

The bills were introduced to limit the number of marijuana plants grown at a single residential address to 16. Previously, up to 99 plants could be grown by a marijuana caregiver depending on local ordinances.

The bills are also designed to eliminate large cooperative grows in residential areas which have the potential for illegal gray and black market sales.

Both bills have provisions for cities, counties and municipalities to enforce their own restrictions.

If Goveroner John Hickelooper signs the bills into law, which appears likely, they will take effect in 2018.

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