The Colorado legislature is considering a bill that would allow concealed guns on school property.

The premise of the bill is based on the fact that current law, with some exceptions, prohibits a person with a valid permit from carrying a concealed weapon on school grounds. House Bill 18-1037 would essentially be a revision of current state law.

The bill specifies the weapon must be a handgun, and that the person carrying the gun has a valid permit or temporary emergency permit.

While school shootings remain relatively rare in this country, they are certainly more frequent than they used to be. The bill seems to make sense as a means of protecting our kids in public schools, but this is an issue that is being dealt with across the country.

In Oregon, for example, state law allows for concealed carry permit holders to carry a gun on school property, however, it also gives employers the right to restrict or prohibit such activity. Essentially, that means the general public could carry a concealed weapon on to school property, but school district employees would still be prohibited from having weapons.

Opponents of the proposed Colorado legislation may fear possible abuse and/or potential lawsuits, but, I have to say,  if I had kids in school I would want the assurance that school personnel has the resources necessary to fully protect the lives of my children.

The Colorado bill was introduced in the House earlier this month and was assigned to the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs committee where it is awaiting further action.

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