Governor Jared Polis is sending out the rapid tests...and it sounds like at a pretty rapid rate. These tests will be going to school staff, students, and families every month during the Spring semester.

The test kits are going to be very helpful for all involved since positive tests can be quickly identified and proper protocol can take place before it spreads around too far.

According to the Greeley Tribune, Colorado is on of 3 states nationwide to be a part of this program and the tests will be available through June. School districts must order the tests but if needed, they can be sent directly to the student's home.

In addition to the rapid tests, Governor Polis promised to continue shelling out more KN95 and surgical masks to school districts that opt in to get them.

As a parent having a child in kindergarten, this is such awesome news because teachers and school staff have done such an incredible job adjusting as we've gone through different levels and phases of this pandemic to do everything they can to help our kids and us as parents.

We LOVE having our kids able to actually GO to school because it's so important and are extremely thankful for everyone involved.

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