With so many laws in the great state of Colorado, sometimes it's hard to keep up. This TikTok video shares some of the weird ones we have here in our state.

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Weird Colorado Laws

There's a lot of weird rules in life, but when those "rules" become "laws" it makes it a little harder to break them. Or does it?

Most of, not all of, but most of the weird Colorado laws that TikTok user @respect_myfluff shares here are completely ridiculous and should be broken. For example, did you know it's unlawful to lend your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbor in the city of Denver, Colo.? Seriously? I can't say that any of my neighbors have asked to borrow my vacuum cleaner but if they did, I'd probably let them. Depending on which neighbor asked I guess.

Here's another one that surprised me: It is illegal to throw missiles at cars in Alamosa, Colo. Maybe I'm crazy but I thought that was a no-brainer. Somebody in Alamosa decided it wasn't and had it voted into actual law.

The rest of these will have you rolling. Take it away, Mari.

***Warning: Language in this video may not be appropriate for all ages***

I'm glad I don't live in Aspen, Colo., because my son and I just had a snowball fight last week. Be a shame if I got popped by the Firestone Police department for having some fun in the snow. Mari has videos like these for most states and they're all as funny and ridiculous as this one so go enjoy some more smiles HERE.

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