Parenting children raises many questions. Some of those questions can be easily answered, while others may leave the parents scratching their heads.

One question parents ask themselves is "At what age can (or should) I leave my child at home alone?"

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Some of us grew up during a time when both our parents worked. We were expected to come home from school and stay by ourselves until our parents made it home. While some of us had the luxury of one of our parents always being home.

The times our parents wanted to go out with friends, go out on a date, or some other activity where they didn't want us kids to tag along, we had a babysitter. Normally, it was a friends teenage child who'd stay with us.

But at what age did a child become old enough to either babysit others, or babysit their brothers and sisters? What about staying home alone?

The answer isn't cut-and-dry. That all depends on the child and on the parents.

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In the state of Colorado, there isn't a hard-and-fast age. However, the Colorado Department of Human Services in Partnership with CO4Kids (CDHS) suggests you ask yourself the following questions before deciding if your child is of-age to stay home alone.

Is my child mature enough?

  • They should be able to make the right choices to care for themselves without supervision
  • They should know what to do in the event of danger, injury or emergency
  • They should be confident and comfortable being alone

Is there someone who can respond if the child needs help and does the child Understand what to do?

  • They knowg who and how to easily contact for assistance
  • They know where and how to contact parents
  • They can clearly state the situation and need when asking for help

Does the situation provide a good opportunity for the child to further develop self-confidence and self-sufficiency?

  • The parent's absence is planned with all the details clearly understood
  • There is someone who can respond immediately if a problem arises
  • Leaving the child alone will not put them at risk of neglect or abuse

The CDHS does state some children at the age of 12 can be left alone, but that's also dependent on the child's maturity, and other factors the parents should take into consideration on a case-by-case basis.

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