There's more than meets the eye and in Colorado, new IDs are helping others see that.

On July 1, 2022, the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles introduced a new invisible symbol in collaboration with the Invisible Disabilities association that could save lives and unnecessary stress.

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Misunderstandings Have Lead to Trauma in Colorado

Colorado made headlines over the past few years when law enforcement badly mishandled situations such as the one involving Karen Garner or the death of Elijah McClain.

In both of these incidents, the victims were unable to communicate their disability to law enforcement who just assumed they were being combative or resisting. Those tragedies along with countless others across the country have led to the creation of a new designated symbol that could decrease these terrible misjudgments.

Disability Identifier Now Available For Colorado IDs

In 2021, HB21-1014 was proposed to Colorado legislation which would allow:

Coloradans who might not be able to effectively communicate with first responders due to a cognitive, neurological, mental health, sensory needs, chronic illness, chronic pain and/or physical disability can choose to add a disability symbol identifier to their driver license or identification card.

The new disability identifier is voluntary and can even be removed upon request. Colorado licenses or IDs with a disability identifier symbol will have an "I" placed on the front of the card, to the lower right of the photograph to represent an invisible disability.

In order to get the symbol placed on an ID, the Colorado DMV states:

Interested Coloradans must bring a DR 2093 (Application for Disability Identifier Symbol) completed by a health care provider to a State driver license office (appointment needed).

So far only Alaska and Colorado offer this symbol on state-issued IDs, but the National Disability ID Initiative is asking legislators across the country to follow suit.

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