A group set out to find the most iconic dishes in all 50 US states. I'm not even sure Colorado's is actually a dish, especially when compared to other states.

Flavored Nation wanted to identify the iconic dish that best represented each state and then bring chefs from each state to prepare and serve their state's iconic dish at an event in St. Louis.

It's no surprise Illinois is represented by Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Maine is represented by Lobster Rolls, Mississippi by Mud Pie or New Mexico showing up with Enchiladas.

Which brings me to Colorado. The most iconic dish in the state is.. Pueblo Chiles! That's right, the most iconic dish isn't a dish, but a vegetable.

It might seem a bit odd, but the Pueblo Chile grown in Colorado can be cooked as a soup, blended into a salsa, roasted, used as an ingredient in a number of dishes or even chopped raw and sprinkled over food at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Add to that the number of chile competitions, a special green chile day at the Colorado State Fair, and a campaign to have a Colorado green chile license plate and you have to admit the spicy vegetable has earned itself the right to be the state's iconic dish.

Green Chile via Paste Magazine puts it this way. #1 Does it have green chile in it? If yes to #1, then shut up and eat it.

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