Hummingbird lovers are already starting to see the petite birds showing up in western Colorado. If you want to get even more enjoyment from the world's smallest birds, attending the Black Canyon Audubon Society hummingbird program is a perfect way to start.

The program features Dr. David Inouye, Professor Emeritus from the University of Maryland. Dr. Inouye has spent over 40 years researching hummingbirds. A significant part of his research has been conducted in Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Gothic, near Crested Butte where he started banding hummingbirds in 1972.

Dr. Inouye has researched everything imaginable about hummingbirds including their physiology, migration timing, genetics, and the role of hummingbirds in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

The free program, hosted by the Black Canyon Chapter of the Audubon Society, is on May 3rd, 7 p.m. at the Bill Heddles Recreation Center in Delta. In addition to Dr. Inouye's presentation, a short video produced by the BBC about hummingbirds and Dr. Inouye's research will be shown.

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