I thought it would be fun to play the high/low game because we all know Colorado is high (in more ways than one) but literally, it is because even our lowest point in the state is way higher than a lot of other states in the country, 18 of them to be exact.

Growing up in the Midwest in the "Buckeye State" of Ohio, we had hills that as I kid felt like they were ginormous but after coming to Colorado realize they were nothing more than little bumps.

When it comes to getting high, there's no better place in the country to go up, way up than Colorado. We have 58 14'ers, which of course are mountains that rise above 14,000 feet, and countless others that are 13'ers and 12'ers.

Let's start with the highest point in Colorado, that would Mt Elbert which sits at 14,440 feet. If you're looking to conquer this hike, the trailhead sits around 3 hours from Downtown Windsor near Leadville.

Impressive right? Now though, we're going to do a 180 and check out the "lowest" point in Colorado which is still higher than the highest point 0f 18 other states in the country that particular point sits at 3,317 feet above sea level and that particular point is in Yuma County near the border with Kansas and Nebraska along the Arikaree River.

The natural wonders of Colorado never cease to amaze me, whether you're looking to get up, get down or just see some incredibly awesome scenery, Colorado has it all.

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