This year's historic snowpack is leading to some very high levels in area rivers. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is reminding residents to make sure they're safe on the river.

Over the weekend, there were already a couple of rescue missions on the Colorado River through Grand Junction. Not to mention the death that happened on the Eagle River on Friday, June 7.

For what it's worth, the Colorado River is currently flowing at 17,500 CFS through town, then picks up to roughly 33,400 at the confluence of the Gunnison River -- which is currently just below flood stage.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office wants to make sure your safe while enjoying one of Grand Junction's best natural wonders.

High Water Danger
Mesa County Sheriff's Office

The Hazards of the River

  • Fast current -- the flow of the river is very fast making swimming and rescues very difficule
  • Debris -- logs + trees creating strainers
  • Cold water temperatures -- this is melting snow filling the rivers, water temps will be cold
  • Unstable river banks -- due to rising water, river banks can wash away and become unstable
  • Don't swim at boat ramps -- even though they look like beaches, boat ramps could contain undercurrents that can take a swimmer downstream

Enjoy the River Safely

  • Wear a life vest
  • Use proper equipment -- no inner tubes, pool floats, canoes or boats not rated for whitewater use
  • Stay sober
  • Raft/boat in groups
  • Know your limits
  • Know the water conditions
  • Always have an emergency plan and way to call 911

This isn't the year to enjoy the river for non-experienced boaters.

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