The Colorado Hammer Killer took several lives in January of 1984, but he has since been brought to justice, however his crimes will forever impact his victims.

According to a report from People Magazine, People Investigates, a docuseries covering a wide array of topics, will dedicate an episode to the Colorado Hammer Killer's deadly spree.

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12 Deadly Days In Denver, Colorado

Kim Haubenschild and her then-husband Jim, are believed to be the Colorado Hammer Killer's first victims. The couple lived in Aurora at the time and awoke to the Colorado Hammer Killer's vicious swings. The man responsible for their attack was able to escape, but he was only just beginning what would be the start of numerous lethal attacks.

A mere 5 days later, the Colorado Hammer Killer attacked a 28-year-old woman by the name of Donna Holm, who also lived in Aurora. The woman had just pulled into her garage when she was struck repeatedly and raped. Despite her horrific injuries, Holm survived.

50-year-old Patricia Smith of Lakewood was the Colorado Hammer Killer's next victim who was killed with a hammer the day following Holm's attack.

Once again, the Colorado Hammer Killer waited 5 days before choosing his next victims, a young Aurora family of 4 which consisted of 27-year-old Bruce Bennett, 26-year-old Debra Bennett,  and the couple's daughters, 7-year-old Melissa Bennett, and 3-year-old Vanessa Bennet.

Bruce fought hard to protect his wife and daughters but the killer bludgeoned him with a hammer and slit his throat with a butcher knife from the kitchen. Afterward, the Colorado Hammer Killer raped Debra, Melissa, and Vanessa. Debra and Melissa succumbed to their injuries but 3-year-old Vanessa miraculously survived despite the fact that her jaw, skull, arms, and legs had been shattered.

Identifying the Colorado Hammer Killer

For years, the authorities were unable to determine who the Colorado Hammer Killer was. The cases went cold, but in 2018, DNA evidence was able to link Alex Ewing to the vicious Colorado hammer attacks.

At that time, Ewing was serving a 40-year sentence in Nevada for attacking Nancy and Chris Barry in Henderson with an ax handle.

Where is the Colorado Hammer Killer Now?

Ewing was put on trial for the murders of the Bennets and Smith, but the statute of limitations had passed for Kim Haubenschild, Jim Rice, and Donna Holm, and Ewing was never conclusively linked to their attacks, however, many believe he is the person responsible.

Ewing was found guilty of the murders and was sentenced to 4 consecutive life sentences and is serving his time at the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility in Cañon City, Colorado.

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