Do you remember walking through downtown Grand Junction, Colorado when the water features were here? People found the sound of the water fountains to be relaxing, and they entertained families spending the day visiting shops downtown.

Over the years the fountains were phased out, many saying they wasted water. We turned the question over to you. Do you think Grand Junction should have kept the water features?

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Grand Junction's Water Features of Old

The fountains that used to be at 5th and Main, and 6th and Main, are the ones most recently replaced. Today, many native plants and flower beds decorate Downtown Grand Junction along with the impressive downtown art scene of statues and galleries.

Most People Miss Having the Water Features in Downtown Grand Junction

Far more people commented that they miss the water features than ones who do not. Several Western states continue today with water features in their downtown area, including some towns downstream from us in Colorado. Many feel a better solution may have been found, but in the end, these features were phased out for the artwork you see on display today.

Water Features are not Public Baths

Several comments reminded residents today of the misuse of water features and fountains back in the day. Reports of people bathing in fountains can be found in the comments. Since the city was liable, this is another reason the fountains were phased out.

Tell us what you think. Do you wish Grand Junction still had these features? Share your comments by hitting the chat button on our station app to add your thoughts to the ones below.

Should Downtown Grand Junction, Colorado Have Kept the Water Features?

Downtown Grand Junction used to be home to several water features that helped shoppers keep cool during the summer months. These fountains have been replaced by new artwork throughout the downtown area as the fountains were phased out to conserve water.
Do you think Grand Junction should have kept this fun feature downtown?

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