Most people wish they could take their dogs with them everywhere, but this Colorado tale might make you rethink that.

According to a report from Fox 31, a dog that was presumed dead after an avalanche surprised everyone when they were found alive days later.

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Colorado Avalanche Buries Dog and Owners

Here in Colorado, the winter brings tons of activities that will really get your adrenaline pumping. From snowshoeing to skiing and even ice climbing.

Oftentimes, adventure seekers choose to bring along their pets for the action, but it can be a choice that is often later regretted.

A man that was skiing and a woman who was snowboarding alongside their dog southwest of Monarch Pass recently experienced a terrorizing avalanche.

The man was able to deploy his airbag and remained above the snow, but unfortunately, his partner became partially buried by the avalanche. Luckily, the skier was able to retrieve the woman, but their dog was nowhere to be found.

Dog Survives Colorado Avalanche

The couple searched for their dog but eventually presumed the worst and left. The next day a search and rescue team attempted to locate the dog as well but found no success.

To the surprise of everyone, the dog was located several days later when it was found traveling near a trailhead on Monarch Pass, just a few miles away from the scene of the avalanche.

The brave pup had miraculously survived several extremely frigid nights and was reunited with its owners.

To date, four people and three dogs have already lost their lives to avalanches this season. Please check avalanche conditions before you embark on any winter activities, and think twice about bringing your fur family along.

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