A deli in Boulder, Colorado is owned by a religious group that has a notorious history of child abuse, and many claim to be a dangerous cult.

What is Colorado's Yellow Deli?

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The deli that the alleged infamous cult, known as Twelve Tribes, owns and runs is called the Yellow Deli. The Yellow Deli opened in 2011, is located on Boulder's popular Pearl Street, is open six days a week (closed Saturday for the Sabbath), and is said to have extremely friendly service, tasty sandwiches, and a cute atmosphere. However, when you look into the Twelve Tribes and its history, the cuteness of the Yellow Deli quickly fades.

What is the Twelve Tribes Colorado Cult?

Describing the Twelve Tribes is a daunting task, to say the least, so if you're looking for a detailed history of the alleged cult you may want to check out the video above or a further search online, but here is a quick intro to the group.

The Twelve Tribes was started by Albert Eugene Spriggs Jr. in the 1970s as a Presbyterian church but quickly became much more cult-like. The group is notorious for using extreme corporal punishment on children of all ages and as young as six months, a practice justified through scripture.

The Twelve Tribes is also known to teach racist, anti-semitic, and homophobic beliefs, have engaged in alleged kidnapping and brainwashing, and are even accused of starting one of the most damaging fires in Colorado history, the Marshall Fire.

You can often see the Twelve Tribes members dancing and celebrating in public parks in Colorado towns such as Boulder and Manitou Springs (where they also own a cafe) but according to many, there is a deeper, much more sinister side to the group.

Colorado Deli Allegedly Run by Cult Notorious For Child Abuse

The Yellow Deli in Boulder, Colorado is said to be run by a notorious cult by the name of Twelve Tribes.

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