The Denver District Attorney's Office announced earlier today (Oct. 8) that they have officially charged a crime organization called "The Sopranos" with organized crime.

"The Sopranos", a self-titled group, is suspected to be in connection with the theft of more than $950,000 in vehicles, firearms, tools, financial transaction devices, and several other devices that allegedly support their drug habits.

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They allegedly used their crimes to support their fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamine addictions, according to the release.

11 members of the group have been arrested and accused of the crimes.

  • Timothy James Boles (age 27)
  • Daniel Holman (age 42)
  • Richardlee Martin Ortiz (age 28)
  • Lanea Dawn Rodriguez (age 23)
  • Guillermo Jesus Hernandez (age 21)
  • Danea Lynn Holman (age 39)
  • Daysha Ann Holman (age 22)
  • Elisha Monique Marquez (age 30)
  • Rachel Christine Montour (age 22)
  • Sierra Sandoval (age 22)
  • Ariel Sosa (age 21)

The group is suspected of targeting Hyundai and Kia vehicles, stealing the vehicle with a getaway driver waiting, and using stolen license plates to replace the plates of the stolen vehicles to help conceal the crime.

The release from the Denver DA's office alleges that "the Sopranos" also used Facebook to coordinate crimes and arrange for bond for each other when necessary. They have also been accused of live-streaming the events of their crimes.

They are suspected of using social media to also sell the items they stole.

The cases against all 11 individuals were filed on September 29, 2021, in Denver District Court.

Each member of "the Sopranos" is variously charged with a multitude of different crimes, resulting in 91 total counts.

  • Violating Colorado's Organized Crime Control Act
  • Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft in the First Degree
  • 37 counts of Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft
  • 20 counts of Identity Theft
  • Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender
  • Possession with Intent to Manufacture or Distribute a Controlled Substance

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