Colorado is well-known for having a majority of sunny days annually, despite being located in the rocky mountains and the cold winter temperatures that come along with the territory.

Sunshiney Data May Surprise You

However, the counties in the Centennial State that receive the fewest sunny days per year may come as a surprise to you. For example, although Mesa County experiences considerably warmer summer temperatures than, say, Summit County, it also experiences an average of fewer sunny days each year.

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More Surprises Along Colorado's Borders

Another finding that may surprise you is the number of counties on the low end of average sunny days in Colorado border states like Utah, Nebraska, and even Arizona and New Mexico. In fact, the county that borders Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona in Colorado's Four Corners region ties for 8th place on the list for least sunshiney counties in the state. 

Here are the 19 Colorado counties that experience the least amount of sunny days each year.

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Colorado is known for having a majority of sunny days in a given year. However, of all of the state's counties, these typically receive the least amount of sunshine annually.

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