In what could be considered a bizarre way to solve cold cases, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is distributing playing cards with the names and faces of unsolved homicide victims.

The CBI playing cards also contain information about each case as well as the Bureau's telephone number.

According to Summit Daily News, the decks of cards feature 52 of Colorado's cold cases. There are also plans for two additional decks.

Colorado currently has about 1,600 unsolved cases with over 1,300 of those considered homicides.

An ABC News report says a test run of cards were released in October 2014, with additional decks of cards distributed to law enforcement and detention centers across the state beginning in January. The cards are not available to the public.

Including the initial 5,000 decks of cards, the CBI hopes to distribute a total of 15,000 sets of cold case cards within the next 12 months.

Two other states, Florida and South Carolina have had success with this unique concept with 14 and 10 cases solved respectively. A total of 17 states have used 'crime cards' in hopes of gaining information to assist in solving cold cases.

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