I was looking for some hard news when I found security footage of a guy trying to break into the coin box in a car wash bay in Grand Junction. The hardest part of this news is how hard you'll laugh.

You have to know things are probably not going to turn out well when the guy rides into a car wash on a bicycle. That's not exactly a great way to avoid attention.

At one point he even tries to look cool just hanging out at the car wash. I'm thinking, cue Rose Royce 'Car Wash' music just to add even more fun. The rest of the video plays like a funny silent movie.

On the serious side, this is a real crime with a real case number (18-35449) from the Grand Junction Police Department. If you know anything about this attempted burglary, do the right thing and call Crime Stoppers of Mesa County at 970-241-7867. That way you can remain anonymous, meaning you can hide the fact you might actually know who the star of the video is.

Enjoy the show.


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