Those who venture deep into Colorado's high country may have seen this peculiar situation at a trailhead many times. Entire parking lots of vehicles wrapped in chicken wire are held onto the vehicle with sticks, lumber, and rocks.

It is a strange sight to see and those who have never seen something like this before could be utterly confused by the whole ordeal. While many speculate as to why such an occurrence happens at Colorado trailheads, there is a logical reason for it.

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So thieves won't steal catalytic converters? It seems plausible, but that is not the reason.

As a car enthusiast, this video made me cringe at the thought of wrapping a vehicle in chicken wire. Think of how terrible those sharp tips of the chicken wire are for the paint.

Wrapping Chicken Wire Around a Car in the Colorado Mountains

The reason for the chicken wire seems to be to keep rodents out from under the car. Animals such as porcupines and marmots seem to love chewing on rubber. Imagine leaving after a long hike, only to find your car has been vandalized by a tiny animal, rendering your transportation useless.

While this method may seem like it would be an effective deterrent for Colorado mountain rodents, the National Park Service says that using chicken wire around your vehicle is no longer advised.

Instead, those who park their vehicles in areas that are prone to marmot and porcupine vandalism are encouraged to use a tarp. The tarp method is used when you lay a tarp in the parking area, drive the vehicle onto the tarp, and wrap the tarp around your vehicle while ensuring you cover the wheel wells. More information on how to use the tarp method can be found at the National Park Service.

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