When the Denver Broncos announced that Russell Wilson was joining the team, most of us didn't expect a visit to Colorado so soon.

Hearts across the country were warmed when Russell Wilson and Ciara decided to stop in to visit the Children's Hospital of Colorado on Tuesday, March 15.

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Russell Wilson Traded to Denver Broncos

Last week it was announced that Russell Wilson had been traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos as their new quarterback.

The internet immediately was abuzz with the news, but many were skeptical of whether Wilson would accept the trade. Wilson's NFL contract allows him the option of declining a potential trade, so there was a possibility that the quarterback would not be a Bronco.

On Tuesday however, Russell Wilson and Ciara made it abundantly clear what their decision would be.

Children's Hospital of Colorado Gets Surprise Celebrity Visit

It was Russell Wilson's and Ciara's first day in Denver, Colorado and their very first stop was a surprise visit to the Children's Hospital of Colorado.

Decked out in Denver Bronco swag, the famous couple decided to spread love and plenty of cheer to both the kids and employees of the Children's Hospital of Colorado.

Ciara and Russell Wilson stated that this was their "1st Tuesday Tradition Hospital visit" which likely means there's more to come!


Together the couple signed autographs, took photos, and even read their New York Times Bestseller children's book, Why Not You, to the kids.

The celebrity duo is known for giving back, and even have their own foundation, the Why Not You Foundation.

Russell Wilson and Ciara's Why Not You Foundation

Founded in 2014, the pair's non-profit aims to fight poverty through education, while empowering youth to lead with a why not you attitude.

The Why Not You site explains that the foundation,
Supports student access to equal education opportunities, children’s health and food security initiatives. Its mission is to equip today’s youth with the skills and opportunities to become tomorrow’s leaders.

No, but seriously, what can't this couple do? I'm overjoyed to have Ciara 1,2, step her way into Colorado and I can't wait to see what else the pair has in store for us. Now #letsride!

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