In the wild, there are no rules. It doesn't matter what you think belongs to you, if you're in the wild, especially if it involves food, the competition is real.

Some hunters found that out the hard way when a bunch of deer meat that they had worked hard to get was swiped by one of the most elusive and sneaky predators around the bobcat.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife released a few pretty incredible pictures recently showing the bobcat and all of its mischievous glory in action.

According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials, the hunters were more amused by the situation than angry. I mean, how can you be mad seeing that we are infringing on their territory and food source.

Bobcats and other wildlife don't have the luxury of heading out to the grocery store or butcher to grab some food. The great outdoors is their grocery store, and if we're going to attempt to play their game, we gotta play by their rules.

And the competition for food in the wild is just that...wild.

This is also a good reminder to keep food sources around the campsite sealed up and stored properly because it can attract hungry critters. While animals are probably more interested in the food than the campers, this can increase the likelihood of a less-than-pleasant experience and one that unfortunately more often than not results in an animal being euthanized.

This is why techniques like hanging food out of reach or utilizing a scent-blocking bear bag can be super helpful for all involved.

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