Despite national public attention, the husband (perhaps widow), of a missing Colorado woman seems to be enjoying his life with his new girlfriend.

According to a report from DailyMail, Barry Morphew, the husband of Suzanne Morphew, who is presumed dead by police, has found himself a new beau to shack up with.

Suzanne Morphew Disappears in Salida, Colorado

Suzanne Morphew, 49, was reported missing on Mother's Day, May 10, 2020, by a neighbor. Investigators originally were led to believe that Suzanne left her home that morning for a bike ride, and never returned.

At that time, Barry Morphew told authorities that he was out of town for work, but that was later determined to be a lie.

Barry Morphew Is Arrested in Chafee County, Colorado

After finding several inconsistencies in Barry's timeline of events and also finding some incriminating evidence, authorities arrested Barry for the murder of his wife almost one year later in May 2021.

Barry however was released that  September on a $500,000 bond and already had a new woman waiting for him.

Barry Morphew Awaits Trial with New Girlfriend in Chafee County, Colorado

Shoshona Darke, 51, is reported to be Barry's new sweetheart, and the couple is even living together while Barry awaits trial.

Some conditions of Barry's current bond include:

  • wearing an ankle monitor,
  • residing in Chafee County, Colorado
  • no contact with certain individuals involved in the case

That last bond requirement is actually what led to Barry living with Darke. Initially, Barry was living in an Airbnb mere feet away from the home he shared with Suzanne, but it was determined by the courts that he was too close to the neighbor that reported Suzanne missing.

According to 9News, Barry's defense has filed a motion to dismiss the case, but Judge Ramsey Lama has not made an official ruling on the motion.

Barry maintains that he is innocent and his trial is scheduled for April 28.

National Attention on Suzanne Morphew's Colorado Disappearance

Across the nation, people have heard of the disappearance of Suzanne Morphew. A national spotlight was placed on Colorado when The First 48, a popular true-crime series decided to run an episode on the case.


Now another popular television series has also decided to dive into this Colorado mystery. Dateline NBC is set to premiere "Echoes in the Canyon" on Friday, February 25 at 9 p.m. MST.

Will you be watching?

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