Going to an event soon at Ball Arena or Paramount Theater in Denver anytime soon? The vaccination requirements are about to change.

A handful of sports arenas and stadiums have already made it a requirement to either be fully vaccinated or show a negative COVID-19 test before entering the building. Until now, going to an event at either Ball Arena or Paramount Theater in Denver was an event-by-event basis and there was no requirement for Colorado Avalanche or Denver Nuggets games.

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Today, FOX 31 reported that all changes November 11. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment announced that all future events, including Avs and Nuggets games for anyone 12 and older will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before the event.

Fans and staff will also be required to wear masks while inside the facilities as well. Fans are technically required to wear masks at all Ball Arena events anyway, but it's not enforced very well if you watch the games on TV.

Many folks will get some peace of mind with this move but obviously, it does create some challenges. The first big one is that if you’re not vaccinated and have your vaccination card, this will be one extra step before going to any event at Ball Arena or Paramount. I could see that being a frustration, especially to season ticket holders who may now have to get tested multiple times a week if there are multiple home games more than 72 hours apart. The other is that the lines and wait to get in are going to be a lot longer.

Photo: RL TSM
Photo: RL TSM

As seen in the picture above, the lines are wild! My daughter and I went to see Harry Styles at Ball Arena back in September and it took almost an extra hour just to get through the line to show your proof of vaccine or negative test.

Has that improved since then? I sure hope so! That was the last event we went to at Ball Arena, though so I can’t say for sure. I, for one, am OK with this as I’m vaxxed and am ready to move on with life. How do you feel about it, though? Will you still go to events at Ball Arena and Paramount Theater while this mandate is in effect?

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