A lot of people shut themselves in when Winter Storm Jonas blasted through this past weekend. So did some of our furry friends.

This dog's owner opened their front door to let the little guy outside, but the pooch had the kind of response your dad did when you all walked into Applebee's and found there was a 45-minute wait for dinner: he just turned around and walked away.

Yup, this dog wanted no part of going in the snow (not even to swim), so he hightailed it back into the house. He's willing to hold his number one and number two until the snow melts, which, considering how much of the white powder blanketed some parts of the country, means he's going to be really itching when he can see finally grass again outside come April.

In reality, we hope the owner made sure to stock up on all the essentials while riding out the storm, like bread, milk and lots and lots of wee wee pads for the dog.

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