Considering that Colorado's winter storm Xylia has become the fourth largest blizzard in Denver history, most residents have spent the past few days either hunkered down in their homes or barely venturing out beyond the driveway.

But on Sunday (March 14), Brad Langerak braved the storm to save a horse that was stranded in the snow in Castle Rock.

Thankfully, he didn't have to attempt the rescue alone. As Vice President of the Dads of Castle Rock (DoCR), a community outreach group of local volunteer dads, Langerak called upon his fellow members to help the animal in need.

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After almost six hours out in the snow, the group was able to get the horse out of harm's way and into a warm barn.

"I put out a call to save a horse owned by someone none of these men knew during one of the worst storms seen by Castle Rock and so many came to help," said Langerak in a Facebook post. "God bless each and every one of them!!!"

In an update, he noted that the horse was "standing and doing good."

As of Monday (March 15), Colorado is still dealing with the aftermath of the storm. Horsetooth Mountain saw 27 inches alone, while Fort Collins saw 24.

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