Lawsuits for injuries are common in today's society, but can you sue a ski resort if you are injured on the slopes?

A federal court says the answer is no, ski resorts are not responsible for injuries you may suffer on the slopes.

According to the Vail Daily, the appeals court ruling comes in connection with an incident at Vail Summit Resorts three years ago. Teresa Brigance broke her leg when her boot got caught between the lift chair and the ground which prevented her from standing up. Brigance spent a week in the hospital and reportedly incurred nearly $240,000 in medical bills.

The court says the waiver signed by skiers and the waiver on the back of a lift ticket is sufficient enough to excuse the ski resort from liability for injury suffered on the mountain.

I understand that skiers are well aware of the risks that come with engaging in the sport - it comes with the territory. Yet, it seems there may be specific cases where negligence on the part of the ski resort is a factor and consequently a shift in the assumption of responsibility.

However, in this case, the District Court dismissed Brigance's lawsuit, and upon appeal, the higher court upheld the lower court ruling. Only time will tell if this case will go the Colorado Supreme Court, but, considering the ramifications of this ruling, it seems likely to happen.

The way it stands now, ski resorts will continue to be exempt from liability for skier injuries.

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