I was heart sick when I got this email from a frustrated mom who doesn't know what to do after her son's, who has special needs, bike was stolen for the 2nd time. Can you help us track it down?

Last week the former director of the Special Olympics, Mike Ruspil, had a local mom, Amanda, contact me regarding a situation with her son.

My son is going blind. He loves riding bikes with his brothers so we got a three wheeled adaptive bike that he can ride around the front yard.

A couple of months ago it was stolen from their front yard, shortly after it was stolen they saw a kid riding it down the street and tried to stop him, but he got away.

A month later they saw kids in their neighborhood riding it around, so they stopped and questioned them about it and it turns out they bought it from some guy on White Avenue.

Sadly, they agreed to buy it back from the kids for twenty-five bucks!

Wait it gets worse, Amanda told us:

Just last week someone broke into my garage and stole the bike again along with a small red dirt bike! My son loved his bike. We have reported it to the police, but I think that since this is the second time it has been stolen we will never see it again.

Here is where I'm hoping our listeners can help out. These bikes are so expensive there is no way they can afford to buy him another one, so if you see it anywhere we're asking you to report it to the police or if you're are interested in donating so we can buy him a new one please contact Mack at 683-5662!

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