This is another one for the "Stupid Criminals" file. Parking a stolen car in front of the Mesa County Jail is dumb enough, but then sitting in it until you are caught is even dumber.On Thursday night, Mesa County deputies were notified by Montrose police that a stolen vehicle was possibly in the area of the Mesa County Detention Facility. A deputy located a vehicle matching the description and checked the license plate of the vehicle. Of course it came up as being stolen, out of Montrose County. Where did he find it? She was parked in the front parking lot of the jail.

The deputy the approached Beverly Lock, 43, of Montrose, sitting the driver's seat of the suspected stolen car. She was ultimately arrested and charged with one count of Motor Vehicle Theft. She was released on a $5,000 PR bond, scheduled to appear in court next on October 2.
Just a small piece of advise for you if you are going to be unwise enough to steal a car. Avoid law enforcement with it, and don't sit in the stolen car in front of the county jail. Better yet, just don't steal the car in the first place!

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