Just in case you didn't know, it's not okay to walk into a hospital with a trash bag full of pot.

The fact is, you can't walk into any public place with a trash bag full of marijuana because it's way over the possession limit, and you aren't even supposed to have pot in public.

But, a man in Lakewood apparently lost contact with his senses the other day when he walked into a local hospital hauling a trash bag full of pot.

According to Lakewood Police, the man was seeking some medical attention and brought his bag full of pot with him. Police promptly seized nearly two pounds of raw cannabis.

The man's identity was not revealed, but police say criminal charges are likely to be filed.

It's possible that while at the hospital they performed a bran scan on the guy, just to see if there was one there, because it sure seemed like the gentleman was lacking in the smarts department.

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