Are you looking to score a new set of wheels? Would those wheels include space for your golf clubs? A store offering the finest in carts is opening new stores in Colorado, one of which can be found in Grand Junction.

If your interests include golf, you'll want to check these places out. They offer new golf carts, custom golf cart designs, and lithium batteries. The Grand Junction store has already had its soft opening, so be one of the first to check them out.

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New Golf Cart Store In Grand Junction, Colorado

This last Saturday, February 25, 2023, you may have noticed a new store at 2526 Broadway in Grand Junction. This would be the building on the northeast corner of Broadway and Dike Road, just east of Safeway.

Legacy Cart Grand Junction Colorado map
Google Maps / Canva / Waylon Jordan

I stopped by to speak with the owners. As it turns out, as of Saturday, Legacy Carts had already done its soft opening.

Legacy Cart in Grand Junction Colorado 2
Waylon Jordan

What Do They Sell?

Check out their webpage, and you'll see Legacy Carts is "Colorado's premiere golf cart distributor." The site adds their carts come fully equipped, with options and upgrades to choose from. A couple of makes and models they offer would include:

  • Royal EV Carts
  • Bintelli Golf Carts
Legacy Cart in Grand Junction Colorado 1
Waylon Jordan

Get a Custom Designed Cart

Imagine having the most amazing cart on the course. There's no rule that says you have to drive a cart that's pure stock. Legacy Cart's webpage states, "Your new golf cart should stand out." Options you can choose from include:

  • seats added
  • aftermarket stereo installed
  • custom paint
  • lifted

Wait a minute... lifted? Does this list seriously say lifted? Yes, it does.

Sooner or later your cart is going to need a new battery. Their webpage reads, "Legacy Carts offers the highest performing Lithium Golf Cart Batteries at the lowest price."

What Is An LSV?

A "Low-Speed Vehicle" is a street-legal cart with a minimum speed of 20 mph and a max speed of 25 mph. These can be legally driven on streets with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less.

An LSEV is a "Low-Speed Electric Vehicle." According to the Colorado General Assembly, the regulations regarding these vehicles include:

  • is self‑propelled utilizing electricity as its primary propulsion method;
  • has at least three wheels in contact with the ground;
  • does not use handlebars to steer; and
  • displays a VIN pursuant to state law

Three Stores In Colorado

Legacy Carts has three stores to choose from in Colorado:

It's always fun to welcome a new business to Grand Junction. Make the drive to Broadway and Monument Road, and you'll see their selection of carts already on display.

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