Denver Broncos fans have been nervously and anxiously watching the Von Miller situation and we aren't feeling any better about things after Miller came out on Instagram saying there is "no chance" of playing the 2016 season under the  franchise tag.

Ever since negotiations between Miller and the Denver Broncos broke off it had been rumored that sitting out the entire 2016 season was a possibility for the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. But, it suddenly became more real when Miller himself stated publicly that a sit-out was possible.

Miller is due to earn $14.1 million for the 2016 season, under the franchise tag. Since the Broncos have designated him for the franchise tag, no other team can sign him right now. He can either play on a one- year contract - or sit out and not get paid at all.

The Broncos offered what - on the surface - looks like a generous offer $114.5 million over six years. The sticking point, however, seems to be the guaranteed money. The Broncos offer included just under $40 million in guaranteed money. Seems like a lot until you start looking at what other players of much less merit have received.

Fletcher Cox is the most recent example. He signed a 6 year $103 million extension with Philadelphia including $63 million in guaranteed money. Cox's performance and statistics are nowhere close to Miller's - so why wouldn't Miller expect to be paid accordingly?

That's the deal. Von Miller is arguably the best and most disruptive defensive player in the NFL. He certainly is the best defensive player on the Denver Broncos roster and is one of the main reasons- if not THE main reason the Broncos beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship and the Panthers in the Super Bowl.

Remember how he punished Tom Brady? Remember Miller's game-changing strip-sack of Cam Newton in the Super Bowl? Maybe someone needs to remind John Elway.

Super Bowl 50 - Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos
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Miller is not making unreasonable demands - laying aside the fact that these professional athletes are making a ridiculously insane amount of money. Miller's worth has been set by the rest of the league - not by him, or his agent.  The Broncos have two choices. Pay him what he's worth, or let somebody else pay him what he's worth - and I guarantee somebody else gladly will. ( and with our luck it would end up being the Oakland Raiders or the Kansas City Chiefs)

It has not been a great off-season for John Elway and the Denver Broncos. There have been ups and downs - and with it looking less and less likely the Broncos are going to seriously contend for a Super Bowl repeat - the chances become microscopic if they don't find a way to hang on to Von Miller.

Miller says he wants to be a Bronco for life - and I believe him. But, he wants the Broncos to feel the same way - and right now, it's obvious they don't. Elway was certainly free with the dollars when it came to signing Peyton Manning - and the result was two Super Bowl appearances and a championship. He absolutely needs to open up the wallet now.

This is a critical moment in Denver Broncos history. Sign Miller to a long-term deal - and you give fans hope that their team can return to the Super Bowl in the next five year. Let Miller walk away, and it's most likely a long, long time before the Broncos make a run at another NFL title.


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