A rock and roll legend is coming to Colorado.

The iconic Billy Joel will be in concert August 8 at Coors Field in Denver.

The announcement comes on the heels of 2018 Coors Field Concerts that featured the Eagles and Jimmy Buffet, and another one that showcased Def Leppard and the Pretenders.

Billy Joel is one of several artists many of us grew up with who are winding down their careers. That list includes the likes of Elton John, Neil Diamond, Bob Seger, Kenny Rogers, and Paul McCartney. It's a rare chance to see a legend.

Joel's catalog of hits from the 70s and 80s is well-documented, and they even reached into the 90s. It's quite possible you own at least one of the 150 million albums he's sold worldwide.

By the time Billy Joel performs in Denver, he'll be 70 years old. Clearly, he's not the singer he was in the 70s - and you're unlikely to hear his biggest hit "Just the Way You Are". But, do you care? Wouldn't it still be great just to see Billy Joel in person?

Billy Joel wouldn't be the first artist who's concert didn't sound much like his records, and the real fans tend to be pretty forgiving. But, if you are a big fan, and the vocals aren't quite up to par, is that how you want to remember him?

There's no question he will be entertaining. He's so iconic, he could probably talk for two hours rather than sing and you would be thrilled just to be there in person hearing him. But, the fact is, he will sing, and it might be fabulous, and it may well be your last chance to see the legendary Billy Joel in concert.

Tickets for the concert go on sale to the general public on January 18 via Ticketmaster.


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