The legalization of recreational marijuana has created a human resources nightmare for some employers. A bill making it illegal to fire employees who use pot off the clock may help. But, does the bill go too far?

Senate Bill 301 working its way through the Oregon legislature, makes use of marijuana off the clock similar to smoking cigarettes. The Bill takes it a step further prohibiting employers from using THC testing as a condition of employment.

Many businesses use drug and alcohol testing as a way of screening potential hires and as a way to discourage the use of substances which may interfere with job performance or create workplace safety issues.

Just like alcohol and certain prescription and illegal drugs, marijuana's effects on the body last for a period of time after consumption. And, like other substances, the level and length of the effect depends on a number of factors and differ for each person.

For me, even though I'm against recreational marijuana, the problem isn't about consumption, but the allowable residual level from the use of any substance, even if not consumed at work. Oregon Senate Bill 301 attempts to address this, but will it be enough?

I'm sure Colorado lawmakers are very interested in the outcome of the Oregon Senate Bill. This issue is sure to bring lively discussion among Colorado lawmakers.

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