The voicemail commentary of an accident is one of our our top stories of the week and  tied with another story who's emotional impact was the exact opposite of the hilarity of this recording.The other top story was the incredible devastation caused by Flooding in Northern Colorado. We featured a number of updates, photos, videos and exclusive stories from people who's lives have been forever changed by this disaster.

We asked the question, Do You Let your Dog Sleep With You? Surprisingly,  half of those surveyed said yes. If you haven't weighed in yet, feel free to add your vote to our poll.

One man's love of the Big Mac made news when we posted a story about how a Salt Lake City man has eaten over 12,000 Big Macs over the last 30 years.

While we're on the subject of hamburgers, there is a very popular burger you can't get in Grand Junction or even in the state of Colorado. Those who've eaten at an In-N-Out Burger were reminded with both words and pictures of how great those burgers are.

Fun Challenges You Can Bet On and Win shared some secrets of great party tricks you can learn to do then bet your friends they can't. It's a great way to pick up a little cash on the side.

After week two of the NFL season, KOOL 107.9's morning host Ed Chandler has a slight lead on football expert and afternoon host Zane Mathews in our Pro Football Pick-Em contest. We are both being beaten by a number of listeners playing the contest.



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